One Man’s Passion For Writing

I have a very close friend that has a love and passion for writing. A few years ago he traveled to the Teton Mountains and spent 40 days and nights simply taking in all the beauty. However something remarkable happened. My friend started writing sayings. In the first two weeks he wrote 800 sayings. In the next two weeks he wrote 1,200 more. In the next ten days he wrote 1,000 more. In the next two days he wrote 1,000 more or a total of 4,000 sayings in 40 days.

I can’t even begin to comprehend writing 4,ooo sayings in 40 days. Well as it turned out thereafter he continued writing sayings to the tune of around 1,000 per month. Today his private collection of sayings consists of over 12,000 sayings.  That’s a lot of writing.

Well guess what?, Coming Soon “Sayings From The Teton Mountains”

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