The Application Of God’s Ways To Business & Careers

Pray, Practice & Prosper – Doing Business God’s Way.

Because our ways are not His ways, we have allowed ourselves to think about money and wealth incorrectly. As a result, in 2008, the United States experienced the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1930’s. Can it happen again? Of course. Can it be prevented? Yes, with the right attitude about the acquisition of personal and corporate resources.
This is a one year devotional book describing these attitudes and how best to put them into practice. This book focuses on the needs of those in the marketplace, spending the majority of their lives working at their career.
God can mold your character to become who and what God has called you to be. It is done through the gift of the Holy Spirit which creates a clear vision that will guide your daily choices. As you make these choices, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, you can develop habits that grow character, improve decision making and prosper every aspect of your life with the right attitudes. Your job IS your ministry and spending 40+ hours a week at work is a great opportunity to live life God called you to live… even as you prosper through it.

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